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Hell's Blade aims to be a UE4 game, with a gameplay similar to a hack'n'slash. For doing short, you'll be in a multiplayer arena and you'll fight against other players, trying to access the objective of the map(for exemple, a flag to take back to your spawn, or a point to stay on for gaining points). The graphical style is near Infinity Blade(as I'll mainly use assets from this game) and Diablo(or that's what my friends say at least .-.). So, I hope you'll enjoy playing this game, and if you got any suggestion, feel free to contact me :)

Devblog here, and Youtube channel here.

Published Sep 22, 2015
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Top-Down, Unreal Engine


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Where can u download

I'm sorry, this went as a dead project :/
There's nothing you can download ^^'