Looking for testers!

Hello everyone!
The game jam might be finished, but we're still working on the game and will keep on adding features to it!

We've chosen to work the follow way: We gather ideas from feedback and our game design ideas and then select some of those for the next update. We then begin working on these and push updates to a non-public page where testers can give feedback during the development of the features, to make sure that we can deliver the best experience to our players. When all the testing of the new features is done, we push the update to the publicly available page you're reading this very devlog on.
Our problem is that we've only got so many testers and with spare time being such a precious thing, we need more people.

So if you'd like to test all the new features and help us enhancing this game, contact us on our Discord and join us today!

lacaulac & Lutellia

PS: We're obviously not offering paid work, as this project is totally not directed towards earning money.

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